Drowners - Drowners

Frenchkiss Records, 2014 Genre: Alternative/Indie Rock While this band resides in New York, I think you have to describe them as Brit indie rock. I am unsure of the rest of the band, but the lead singer, Matt Hitt, is Welsh-born. However, while the Drowners play music similar to The Kooks, their sound is also […]

We Are Scientists - Business Casual

Masterswan Recordings, 2013 Genre: Alternative/Indie Rock There are definitely some strains of pure unadulterated rock on this EP, like the instrumental parts on track 2 “Return the Favor”. The vocals do seem to blend closer into the music than before, like on track 3 “Good Answer”, which is not bad, but definitely different from past […]

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Fly By Wire

Polyvinyl Records, 2013 Genre: Alternative/Indie Rock The songs on this album go together like a collection of art. They all seem to start with some type of electronic based beat, and at times sound melancholy, but then pick up to make you feel better with the repetition of “oohs” and sounds of clapping (of course, […]

Courtney Jaye - Love & Forgiveness

Self-released, 2013 Genre: “tropical, ’70s-inspired rootsy pop” Easy-listening, country pop, tropical… these are some descriptors that come to mind when listening to this album. Jaye has worked with a lot of big names to make this album become a reality. For instance, she co-wrote all 10 songs with Thad Cockrell, Kristen Hall (former member of […]

A Great Big Pile of Leaves - You're Always On My Mind

Topshelf Records, 2013 Genre: Alternative/Indie Rock I have never heard of this band before, but I like their music a lot. They have an interesting sound, not like most of the bands out there. Furthermore, this Brooklyn-based band depends heavily on guitar and vocals to guide their sound, however, there are some nice drum segments […]

Ben Folds Five - Live

Sony, 2013 Genre: Rock n’ Roll/Pop Ben Folds is definitely one of my favorites, and I have my Father to thank for that. Fortunately, this album does not disappoint my inner fangirl. It is an album made up of Ben Folds Five playing live at different venues throughout the United States, Japan, the UK and […]

The Front Bottoms - Talon of the Hawk

Bar/None Records, 2013 Genre: Alternative/Indie Punk Rock First off, I’ll admit that I did not know what the name of their band meant or even what it was referring to… if you are like me and are unaware, their band name “Front Bottoms” is apparently a British slang term for “female genitalia”. Now, whether or […]

The Boxer Rebellion - Promises

Absentee Recordings, 2013 Genre: Alternative/Indie Rock I have actually never seriously listened to this band. But like many others (perhaps), I have heard of them because of a movie titled Going the Distance. In this movie, Justin Long’s character is a record label executive who starts managing The Boxer Rebellion, which is really a great […]

Villagers - {Awayland}

Domino Records, 2013 Genre: Alternative/Indie Rock While it may not be obvious upon listening to this album, the man behind Villagers (Conor O’Brien) is, in fact, from Ireland. He does not display the typical Irish accent on his vocals like one would expect and his music is not reminiscent of any traditional Celtic or Irish-folk […]

Telekinesis! - Dormarion

Merge Records, 2013 Genre: Alternative/Indie Rock I have been following this band for a while. There were days when all I would do was listen to every album they had, playing my favorite tracks over and over again on repeat. Furthermore, Telekinesis! has a very consistent sound, but it’s not (yet) gotten to the point […]